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Climate and Health
26 January 2023
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The topic

Climate change will in future lead to an increase in extreme weather phenomena including, for example, all the effects of heat, storms and hurricanes as well as flooding caused by heavy or continuous rain. This will potentially have both direct and indirect health implications. The resulting direct health effects need not only be physical, such as infection, injury or, in extreme cases, death. Psychological stress, anxiety and depression can also result.

Health risks as a result of climate change

Indirect health effects and risks arise from adversely altered environmental conditions as a result of climate change. These include the impairment of the quality and quantity of drinking water and food, the altered or prolonged occurrence of biological allergens as well as animal disease vectors, such as ticks or mosquitoes.

This year speakers


We are very much looking forward to the great variety of inputs from our speakers!

Franz Prettenthaler

Franz Prettenthaler

Dr. Franz Prettenthaler MLitt is Director of Joanneum Research LIFE - Institute for Climate, Energy and Society
Kathrin Schwarzl

Kathrin Schwarzl

Kathrin Schwarzl is responsible for the Business Development and Marketing at ANTLESS.
Lars-Peter Kamolz

Lars-Peter Kamolz

Lars-Peter Kamolz is the Head of the Research Unit for Safety and Sustainability in Healthcare and Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the LKH-University Hospital in Graz as well as the head of the Clinical Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery at Med Uni Graz.
Christoph Schnalzer

Christoph Schnalzer

Christoph Schnalzer is managing director of ANTLESS.

Event Program

Emma Somerville &  Michael Kerschbaumer are the hosts of the online event.

Climate Change – a key challenge to health in the 21st century.


This keynote will give a concise resumé of the current state of the heating planet and ideas on how we need to prepare for the associated future health crisis. By outlining examples of solutions, we want to leave the audience with some sense of optimism.

Sustainable Ageing


With increasing age, questions around the topics “health” and “healthy aging” become more and more important. Due to demographic developments, this topic will be of central importance not only for each individual, but also for our society as a whole. The aim of the lecture is to provide an overview of this exciting topic.

  • Antless: sounds for focused working
    Kathrin Schwarzl & Christoph Schnalzer:
    Successes and new challenges after winning the Corporate Call 2022


  • Opus novo: Supporting care every day and night, leaving more time and energy for the sunny hours of life.
    Andreas Frankl:
    Why the Corporate Call has helped us on our way: effects, developments and outlook for the future


  • DARWIN Biomedical: Redefining senior mobility through value-based innovation
    Adrián Jiménez: How winning the Corporate Call ended up changing our future as a startup for good

DESIRE – The new Eurocluster „Health“, Karin Hoelbling & Pascal Mülner

The Finnish Digital Health & Healthcare Market, Tarja Enala, Senior Advisor, Health and Wellbeing, Invest in Finland

  • Brief introduction of Business Finland and governmental stakeholders
  • Unique aspects of the Finnish health ecosystem
  • Finland as top health R&D location
  • Digital health ecosystem highlights
  • Business Finland/Invest in Finland services eg. funding instruments


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